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Releasing This Summer of 2024

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🌟 Elevate Your Brand to Brilliance with Our Exclusive Business & Marketing Packages! 🌟

Are you ready to catapult your brand to the next level? Imagine having your brand featured in the prestigious Queens Empire Magazine, a platform that reaches thousands of eager readers seeking innovative solutions and trendsetting businesses. Don't have a business,? That's ok, we encourage you to contribute by sharing your story or expertise.


Our tailored coaching and consulting packages offer you not just visibility, but an immersive experience that transforms your brand from ordinary to extraordinary.

Introducing Our Distinctive Packages (REALY BIRD PRICING):

🎈 1. The Essential Boost - $50 🎈

  • Quarter-page ad featuring your brand's essence

  • Striking contributor graphic that captivates attention

  • QR code for instant digital engagement

🚀 2. The Impactful Half - $100 🚀

  • Half-page ad with dynamic contributor graphic

  • QR code for seamless interaction

  • 3 additional branded graphics to amplify your presence

🌟 3. The Ultimate Transformation - $200 🌟

  • Full page ad showcasing your brand's brilliance

  • Engaging contributor graphic designed to resonate

  • QR code for easy access to your offerings

  • 3 extra branded graphics for an extended impact

  • Lead Generating Landing page to capture valuable leads

  • Compelling Press Release to amplify your story

🔥 4. The Complete Metamorphosis - $350 🔥

  • Full page ad that demands attention

  • Expertly crafted contributor graphic for a lasting impression

  • QR code for instant digital interaction

  • 3 additional branded graphics to dominate the scene

  • Lead Generating Landing page to convert visitors into customers

  • Captivating Press Release to spread your message

  • Brand Transformation: Light Revamp/ & Social Media Overhaul

📈 5. The Unstoppable Power Play - $750 📈

  • 2 full pages dedicated to showcasing your brand's magnificence

  • Exclusive contributor graphic designed to inspire trust

  • QR code for immediate digital engagement

  • 3 additional branded graphics for a comprehensive identity

  • Lead Generating Landing page to skyrocket your conversions

  • Impactful Press Release to create a buzz

  • Brand Transformation: Full Revamp/Build of Website & Social Media Revolution

  • Strategic Business & Marketing Plan for long-term growth

  • Revolving ad placement on digital magazine pages for constant exposure

🎯 The Promised Impact:

  • Cross-platform, organic, and paid ad promotions for maximum visibility

  • Availability of printed magazine shortly after digital release

  • Access to the expansive Queens Empire Magazine audience

Join us on this transformative journey where your brand will be nurtured, magnified, and celebrated in the pages of Queens Empire Magazine. Let your brilliance shine and captivate your audience in ways you've only dreamt of. It's time to rise above the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Secure your spot today and become a beacon of success!

Fill out the interest form below to secure your package and unlock your path to brilliance... 


Limited spots available. Act now to secure your place among the brightest stars! All Inquiries are subject to approval based on company culture and standards.

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